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Aktiv Equine Epsom Salts 1kg
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Aktiv Equine is a pharmaceutically developed horse care range, providing the horse with the support it needs to live well and be healthy.

Epsom Salt is a pure mineral compound of Magnesium and Sulfate. It has multiple uses in the equine industry. Some horse owners use it as an osmotic laxative, to relieve constipation in horses. As a source of Magnesium and because it is easily absorbed by the skin, Epsom Salt can be used to reduce inflammation, by applying under bandages on the horse's legs. Magnesium also aids nerve and muscle function, hence its calming effect.

  • Osmotic laxative: Feed no less than a tablespoon per 100kg of horse, to temporarily relieve constipation. This should only be done for a short period of time.
  • To reduce inflammation in legs: Lay the bandage wrap flat and sprinkle some water over it to dampen the wrap. Then sprinkle a small handful of Epsom Salt onto the wrap. Wrap around legs without spilling the Epsom Salt. Bandage over the wrap from just below the knee, to just below the fetlock.
  • Calming effect: Add 10g to horse's feed in the morning and at night. Reduce dosage or stop if stomach irritation becomes evident.
  • Soothing bath: Dilute one cup of Epsom Salt into a 20l bucket of hot water. Soak a beach towel in the hot water, then ring out and lay across the horse's back.
  • Abscess: Dilute Epsom Salt in warm water and allow the hoof to soak. This will reduce inflammation in the hoof.
Also available in 2kg (VITA1175).

Sizes: 1kg.
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