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Vital Protection Soak And Dry Sachet 20ml
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R 76.59
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Vital Protection products provide durable and long lasting protection in a safe, environmentally friendly format. In addition Vital Protection products are dual action, providing both anti-insect and anti-bacterial protection. In insect infested areas Vital Protection can drastically reduce and prevent the health risks associated with insect bites. Vital Protection Soak and Dry is a highly effective insect repellent textile application, which allows users to apply this unique, long lasting, anti-insect technology to clothes, horse wear and equipment. It is effective against mosquitoes, fleas, flies, bees, spiders, ticks and ants and lasts for up to 3 months. In addition the product is odourless, allergen free, environmentally friendly and bio-degradable.

Clean and effective application:
Simply add the sachet to a container filled with 1.5l water, and mix well.
Then add 1kg of textile - this can be any textile from bedding to hats to shoes.
Ensure textile is soaked and leave for 10minutes.
Do not rinse or spin.
Hang out to dry.
Once the items are fully dry the process is complete.

Sizes: 20ml. Use 20ml per 1kg of textile.
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