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Prestige New X-Doge Saddle
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R 60,690.97
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The Prestige X-Doge Dressage Saddle is a truly revolutionary saddle that will have both horses and riders performing at their best! Crafted from fine Italian calfskin leather, the D1 Zero features uniquely sculpted panels over the horse's shoulders, providing greater freedom of movement to the horse's trapezius muscle. The saddle channel is wider while the panels are flatter in the centre, providing a more stable fit and broader bearing surface for overall better weight distribution across the horse's back.

The saddle was specifically designed to be perfectly balanced on dressage horses with a talent for collection and therefore greater movement in the back when under saddle.

The unique girthing system, featuring an elasticized front billet, creates excellent contact and balance. It's no wonder this saddle has been receiving rave reviews all over Europe!

The saddle is fitted with the new Prestige X-Technology saddle tree. The new tree features elastic membranes made of technologically advanced materials. The two membranes are positioned to fall directly below the rider's seat bones, creating an 'in-out' effect, ensuring rider comfort without restricting movement.

The panels are also fitted with X-technology, comprising an elastic honeycomb membrane and a layer of soft synthetic flocking material which replaces the use of felt to provide a closer and more stable fit of the saddle.

The D1 Zero has improved upon the already unique design by offering a narrower twist than the original D1. In addition the stirrup bars are recessed to provide a closer feel for riders. The rider will love the large front blocks, deep seat, and close contact panels.

In addition, the unique polymer tree is fully machine adjustable and boasts a lifetime guarantee. This allows for the wither fit of the saddle to be adjusted to provide the optimal fit for the horse throughout its training and competitive career.

The saddle is expertly finished with the distinctive Prestige saddle nails and an embossed D1 logo on the saddle flap. 
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