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Prestige New X-Meredith D A Plus 2 Flock Saddle
product code:
R 66,280.18
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The Prestige X-Meredith is a superb new jumping saddle available within the world-renowned Prestige saddle range.

The Prestige Meredith range has been designed and manufactured with the utmost attention to detail, drawing on the assistance and guided by the suggestions of the German jumping champion, Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum. The saddle sports an updated and modern appearance without substantially altering its characteristic shape, in so doing lending this popular Prestige model even greater appeal. Improvements were also made to increase the comfort of the seat while all other technical features remained unchanged. The saddle provides riders with a narrower twist and central seat position thanks to its uniquely shaped tree. The front knee blocks are small and the rear blocks medium sized. In addition the Prestige X-Meredith D features a calfskin lining for extra snug grip, a medium depth seat

The saddle tree features the new Prestige X Technology which employs two elastic membranes, now enlarged, in the area of the rider's ischia. As a result of the new tree the seat is extraordinarily comfortable. In addition the saddle panels feature their own X technology components, comprising of an elastic honeycomb membrane and a layer of soft synthetic flocking material which replaces the use of felt to provide a closer and more stable fit of the saddle thanks to greater proximity to the horse.

The saddle's unique polymer tree is fully machine adjustable and boasts a lifetime guarantee. This allows for the wither fit of the saddle to be adjusted to provide the optimal fit for the horse throughout its training and competitive career.

The saddle is finished with eye-catching details such as the distinctive Prestige saddle nails, Prestige branded stirrup leather keepers and embossed X-Meredith logo on the saddle flap.

Colours: Black only. Sizes: 17" only. The +2 saddle flap size is ideally shaped for rider's with a longer leg, ensuring that the rider's knee does not move in front of the knee roll when the stirrup length is adjusted correctly.
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