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Prestige Stephi II Stirrup Irons
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R 5,904.03
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The modern Prestige Stephi II aluminium stirrup irons are manufactured from a series 6000 anti-corrosion aluminium, a material normally used in car manufacture or in the aeronautical industry. The Prestige Stephi II irons are machined from solid aluminium and delicately finished with smoothed contours and edges.

The stirrup irons are ultra-resistant both to abrasion and to mechanical stress. The branches of the stirrup irons have been smoothed on all sides, both externally to avoid scratching the saddle when stored away and internally to protect the rider's boot against any possible abrasion. The attachment for the stirrup leather is rotated at an angle to the stirrup iron branches. This arrangement means that if the rider's feet came adrift from the stirrup iron, they will be able to reconnect with it more easily. The iron does not hang parallel to the abdomen of the horse but is turned outwards. The eyelet of the branches is very robust and broad enough to be used both for traditional stirrup leathers and for dressage specific leathers.

The base of the tread is made of the same material as the branches but the covering is made from 1 mm thick brushed stainless steel. Its surface is highly resistant to abrasion, providing excellent grip and contributing to the rider's confidence. The front line of teeth is at an angle to give increased grip in all situations. The fastening screws are in stainless steel and held tight with anaerobic-type sealant.

Sizes: 12cm only.
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