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Monty Roberts Giddy Up Rope Lead
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R 464.04
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Do you think your horse is lazy, stubborn, or is baulking? Do you think your horse is an energy preserver? Do you have trouble crossing water, or have a nappy horse? Have you been advised to use a whip or a crop on your horse but you believe, like Monty Roberts, that violence is never the answer? The Monty Roberts Giddy Up Rope might be exactly what you need!

How does it work?

This extrinsic training equipment works on the horse's mind to motivate forward motion. The Giddy Up Rope is a length of thick braided yarn held by the rider with his elbow against his side while swinging it from left to right rapidly behind the rider's legs. The Giddy Up introduces movement to the peripheral vision of the horse. This movement will be perceived by the horse to be dangerous, and yet no pain comes of it. The horse is likely to advance quickly, moving away from the perceived intruder.

Positive instant consequences:

When using a Giddy Up Rope, the rider should be diligent and watch for a positive response. The instant forward motion is achieved, the rider should cease to swing the Giddy Up rope, and stroke the neck of the horse in congratulation. The rider might use clucking or chirping sounds during the use of the Giddy Up rope to add to its effectiveness. By sending both visual and auditory cues, you are likely to achieve the desired result - a lively horse carrying a non-violent, educated rider on board!

Colours: White only. Sizes: 12 foot (3.65m) in length.
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