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Prestige X-D1D Zero Anniversary Dressage Saddle
product code:
R 89,540.60
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Prestige X - Technology has been able to offer riders the required closeness while fully ensuring due consideration for horses and their well being. With the new version of Prestige X-D1 ZERO closeness to the horse has been obtained not by resorting to an extreme twist, by lengthening the tree supports, or by shifting the center gravity rearwards on the seat - all of which solutions can harm the horse - but through deft adjustments to the frames suggested by a close study of human anatomy.

Prestige X Technology employs two elastic membranes, now enlarged, in the area of the rider's ischia. As a result of the new tree the seat is extraordinarily comfortable. The base at the rear of the seat is appreciably broader when compared with traditional saddles and the two membranes cushion impacts and enhance the comfort of the rider. The broader seat also provides greater room for the rider, as a result a 16" saddle will fit a rider that previously needed a 16.5" saddle etc.

The new panels, made of the same synthetic flocking material and of a new honeycomb material that is highly elastic, eliminates the need for felt and sponge material. The result obtained is an appreciable reduction in panel thickness. At the same time stability is ensured and the horse feels comfortable along its back.

The saddle's unique polymer tree is fully machine adjustable and boasts a lifetime guarantee. This allows for the wither fit of the saddle to be adjusted to provide the optimal fit for the horse throughout its training and competitive career.

The saddle is finished with eye-catching details such as the distinctive Prestige saddle nails and embossed Prestige D1 Zero logo.
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